Caring For You
& Your Gear Since 1940

81 Years Later
we are still building the best

Circul-Air Corp. is the leading North American manufacturer of First Responder cleaning, sanitizing, and drying equipment for fire hoses and turnout gear. Our quality product offerings bring commercial grade, heavy duty products to all of our customers.

The Evolution of Circul-Air

Our first dryer was built in 1940 and ever since we’ve made it our priority to ensure we provide the best dryer for first responders. Over the years, we have made physical adjustments to the product while always keeping in mind the quality, which is why our customers trust us.

Trust In Circul-Air

Circul-Air has been trusted within the industry for providing the best quality of fire fighter gear care, drying, and storage equipment. Our leading  product warranties showcases that we stand by our products. Ensuring our customers needs are being met is something we prioritize here at Circul-Air. Over the last 80 years have continued to make changes to our product, to better suit the needs of first responders across North America.

Lower body of firefighter