HOSE CARE Solutions

Circul-Air offers a one stop shop for all hose care products to fit any fire department’s needs from washing, drying, to storage.

As an essential tool to all fire departments, fire hoses tend to take a beating. They pick up soot, grime, and toxins the same way PPE does on the job. This is why Circul-Air developed hose care solutions to safely extend the life of your hose and get it back in action.

Why Circul-Air for Hose Care?

Since 1940, Circul-Air has been leading the equipment care and storage space within firefighting industry. In addition, Circul-Air hose care products are purpose built to help fire department implement safe and streamlined products to wash gear, and get it back in action ASAP.

From rugged build quality, timesaving pre configured and pre-wired products, to reliable support teams, Circul-Air is proud to be among the most trusted brands in the firefighting industry.

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Hose Washing

Streamlining hose decontamination

and extending the life of your hose.

• Wash up to 30 fpm of hose, 1-1/4 to 5” diameter

• 60-Gal pre-soak chamber w/ adjustable guides

• NFPA 1851 : 2020 Compliant

• 4 adjustable spray jets

Rotojet Hose Washer - Circul-Air

Hose Drying

Safely dry hose faster with cabinets and racking

designed to maximize airflow.

• Meets NFPA 1851 : 2020 Requirements

• Commercial Grade Construction

• Dry Hose & Equipment Faster

• Made in North America

Fire fighting gear dryers

Hose Storage

When time is of the essence,

efficient storage systems keeps hose at the ready.

• Durable Industrial Powder Coat Finish

• Strong Steel Construction

• Available in Red or Grey

• 3000 lb Capacity

Hose Rack - 2 Tier

circul-air turnout gear & hose care

Did you know that Circul-Air offers a full suite of Turnout gear care solutions that are NFPA 1851:2020 compliant?

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